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  • Breath

    Linking Breath and Mantra

    Synchronizing our breath with mantra recitation allows us to sharpen our focus even further. Learn how combining these two techniques can increase your awareness during meditation.

    By: Andrea Santos

  • Ayurveda

    Ayurvedic General Principles of Diet and Digestion

    Ayurveda says that a healthy diet is useless unless you also have a healthy well-functioning digestion. Here is how to improve your digestion so that your food

    By: Varsha Khatri | Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Health Specialist

  • meditation

    Top 10 Mudras for Your Yoga Practice

    Mudras are yogic gestures of the hands that help channel energy for various physical and spiritual benefits. Here's a list of 10 of the most intriguing mudras along with their benefits.

    By: Aimee Hughes

  • Self

    4 Steps to Making Your Shakti Shimmer

    Shakti is the creative force of the universe. Here's why you need more of this divine feminine energy in your life and four ways to get it glowing.

    By: Jennie Lee | Author of Breathing Love and True Yoga. Certified Yoga Therapist with 20 years experience.

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