Ong So Hung is a deceptively simple mantra that embodies a profound spiritual power. Its meaning encapsulates both the simplicity and depth of its effect. Ong means "the creative consciousness," while So Hung means “I am that.” Therefore, to chant Ong So Hung is to recognize your innate connection with the universal consciousness. It is a mantra which declares "In every cell of my being, I am the universal creative consciousness (God). We are one.” In chanting the Ong So Hung mantra, you acknowledge and honor your own creative power, as well as your divinity and your connection to all conscious beings.

Repetition of this mantra further enhances and reinforces its power. Through repetition, your own energetic vibrations come into alignment with those of the universe and creative consciousness. Your whole being embodies the light and divine spirituality of all of consciousness. By chanting the Ong So Hung mantra, your individual vibration can be elevated to this level of awareness and connection.

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Known as a heart-centered mantra, Ong So Hung is tremendously soothing. Try it now. Simply chant it 10 or 12 times, allowing the Ong to reverberate in the back of your nose and throat while you feel the So Hung in your heart center. Here, as you become more connected and in tune with the mantra, you will begin to feel the way it stimulates and opens your heart chakra.

You may experience feelings of great compassion, warmth and love. Many people notice the way in which this mantra opens them up to feel simultaneously more vulnerable and more courageous. Do not worry if initially chanting the mantra brings up feelings of sadness, sorrow or grief. Allow them to be there, knowing that experiencing these is an essential part of your spiritual healing process. Allow the Ong So Hung mantra to be your guide through these feelings -- your connection to experiencing them from a higher level of consciousness. The more you open your heart, the more you know that there is only love to give and receive. It is fear, not love which brings pain, and the Ong So Hung mantra is a powerful antidote for fear.

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It is particularly beneficial to link the cycles of the Ong So Hung mantra with your breath. This way, as your body and energetic vibration align with the mantra, you are also connecting your physiological existence with the rhythm of the words. The whole mantra should be chanted on a complete exhalation, allowing the inhalation to happen naturally, without any force, to begin the cycle again. Combining cycles of breath with the mantra helps your mind to enter a more meditative state of awareness, allowing you to become more receptive and open to receiving its benefits.

Another way to enhance the effects of the Ong So Hung mantra is to perform it while in any comfortable seated position, with your left hand at your heart center and your right hand in jnana mudra. Having the right hand in jnana mudra reminds us of the unity between ourselves and the universal consciousness. The left hand is raised in a position of heartfelt strength, saying "no" to fear. This is a gesture of simultaneous fearlessness and receiving. It allows us to cultivate the necessary courage to be vulnerable and open to receive the healing and loving energy of the mantra.

We chant the Ong So Hung mantra for the same reason that we engage in any spiritual practice. Ong So Hung helps us to connect with the Divine within ourselves. It dissolves the barriers and artificial walls of separation that we build between ourselves, others and God. In chanting Ong So Hung, we not only recognize, but truly experience the reality that there is no distinction between ourselves and God. This is deeply soothing and comforting, as well as empowering. Often, we are drawn to the Ong So Hung mantra at times in our lives when we may feel troubled or ungrounded. Ong So Hung meets us where it finds us, but it does not leave us there. It takes us within, to a place where we can experience deep inner peace through our own connection to the Divine.

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