Om Shanti

Last Updated: October 24, 2018

Definition - What does Om Shanti mean?

Om Shanti is a mantra, greeting and parting salutation used in meditation, yoga practice and Indian religions. Om has no translatable meaning, but is believed to be the sound of the universe, referred to as the cosmic vibration. Shanti is a Sanskrit word that means “peace,” but is also translated as “calm” or “bliss.”

In yoga practice and during meditation, mantras are chanted for the purpose of removing mental distractions and immersing the yogi on a single focusing thought. The mantra, om shanti, therefore, calls forth the cosmic peace.

Yogapedia explains Om Shanti

As a greeting or parting salutation, om shanti is repeated at the beginning and/or end of yoga class as a way of wishing others divine peace. It is also repeated as a mantra at the end of Hindu and Buddhist devotional ceremonies.

Two typical mantras are “om shanti om” and “om shanti, shanti, shanti.” The latter symbolizes three forms of peace: peace of the mind, peace in speech and peace in the physical body. It is also thought to represent hope for individual peace, collective peace and universal peace.

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