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Molly Rae Benoit-Leach MSW RSW RYT


Molly Rae Benoit-Leach MSW RSW RYT is a psychotherapist, yoga teacher, writer, musician, lover, and fur-mama. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc.) degree in psychology and a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from the University of Toronto in Canada. She is a Registered Social Worker in British Columbia, Canada and offers psychotherapy in her online private practice. She has 9+ years of experience working with individuals in crisis and experiencing mental health issues. After working in her social work and counselling career, she felt a gap in her abilities to support individuals through difficult times. Molly began to study other tools — such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness-based therapy — that could benefit and bring healing to the individuals she worked with. Her personal experiences and work relationships helped her understand the effects of increasingly common mental health struggles such as anxiety and depression. This led her to found MBL Therapy, a blend of psychotherapy and somatic therapies, and mindfulness-based ways of providing holistic care. Working with the whole person and their mind-body connection merges her experiences with psychology, social work and yoga education.

Molly has recently become very passionate about applying trauma informed yoga practices and principles as a tool for self-care, mental health and connecting with one's own spirituality. She uses her education and training to write about yoga and mental health, offer private and group yoga classes, and to continue her career in social work and counselling.

She is currently living on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada providing counselling and yoga services in person and online. Molly can be reached through and [email protected].

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