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In worldly pursuits, time flies unnoticed.
Involved in his pleasures and pains.
A person remains unaware of what is best for him.
- Lord Shiva, to his beloved (Kularnava Tantra)

Yogapedia, an online yoga encyclopedia, is dedicated to curating knowledge from around the globe. Our intention is to help seekers turn within and connect with Self (Ātman) through shared understanding of the philosophy and practice of yoga.

Yogapedia honors eastern yoga philosophy, yet endeavors to remain non-partisan and accessible to all individuals who seek contentment. "Not one yoga, not one yoga studio, not one guru", says founder Sharleen Oborowsky. To this extent, our content gives context to yoga, and uses the ancient Indic language, Sanskrit as well as western language – marrying the eastern and western philosophies. We will look at what continues to make yoga so popular today, and why so many turn to its teachings.

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