About Us

Yogapedia is the world’s most comprehensive yoga encyclopedia and the fastest-growing online platform for the yoga community.

We believe that the wisdom and teachings of India offer extraordinary solutions for navigating today’s most critical issues. Using cutting-edge media tools, Yogapedia supports and champions those who are seeking to boost their physical and mental health, as well as those drawn to “awaken” and become more conscious of their innate power and connectedness. Our aim is to make these revitalizing teachings and techniques more accessible to a global audience.

Since ancient times, yogis gathered together to have “satsang“ to study the teachings of yoga. Yogapedia offers a meeting place for this global community, with modern yoga scholars, teachers, trailblazers, influencers and experts in the field to guide us and support us in learning ways to incorporate and assimilate these teachings.

Get in touch with us anytime – we love talking yoga!

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