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Joanna’s always on the move—she’s a cyclist, triathlete, traveler and former competitive dancer. A decade ago, Joanna began to explore yoga as a way to complement her dance background and increase strength and flexibility. In addition to yoga’s physical benefits, she was taken by its ability to calm the mind, nurture the spirit and promote happiness from within. She’s been an avid yogi ever since and continues to deepen her practice every day thanks to the inspiring yoga community. While Joanna calls Toronto, Canada home, she’s an enthusiastic citizen of the world, spiritual adventurer and life-long learner. Outside of yoga, Joanna blogs about health/wellness and can often be found experimenting in the kitchen (she’s a certified chef). Words to live by: “Love more, worry less.” Om shanti.

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  • How can meditation help me feel better?

    Meditation is one of those rituals that makes me feel good, but I didn’t always feel this way. Why? Feelings are subjective for everyone and when you’re a new meditator, you may worry about what you should be feeling.(One...

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