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Suzy's yogic journey began when she was very young. She learned about yoga while traveling with her family and living in the Far East. Many years later in 1998 she found the book The Sivananda Companion to Yoga and began practicing yoga daily as prescribed in the book. She has been teaching a variety of yoga classes since getting certified in 2004 from Namaste Yoga in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Several years after getting certified she had a mystical experience while painting and realized how we are all really energy. Another profound moment of energy realization was after an Ashtanga yoga workshop with Beryl Bender Birch. This led her to pursue her doctorate in transformative studies, Ayurveda, breath work, and energy work. Her doctoral degree in transformative studies was highly metaphysical as she studied and researched the notion of presence from the advaita tradition and how it applies to the painting process.

Suzy is passionate about using the tools she has learned to help others become more present and access their creativity. She is highly intuitive and gifted in holding space for whatever may arise. Suzy is interested in the relationship between creativity and sexuality. She is currently writing a book about sex from two extreme perspectives: East and West.

Suzy has recently founded Bīja Healing Sanctuary in reference to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali which clearly indicate that we are each responsible to heal our karma, yet we must be given the right environment, and space to do so.

Suzy has a gypsy soul and loves to travel, She has taught yoga in places like Costa Rica, New Mexico, Indiana, Ohio, Italy, and California. She continues to seek ways to be of service.

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