Standing Backbend Pose

Definition - What does Standing Backbend Pose mean?

Standing backbend pose is a beginner's asana which opens the heart.

To enter the pose, stand straight with the feet placed hip-width apart. Lengthen the spine, place the palms behind the low back and bend backward. Align the head with the spine, keeping the focus fixed on the sky. Remain in the pose for 30 seconds and return to a standing position.

Standing backbend may also be referred to in Sanskrit as anuvittasana or ardha chakrasana.

Yogapedia explains Standing Backbend Pose

In a variation of standing backbend, one may keep the head in neutral position. Note that the head should not fall back. It's also best not to go beyond one's comfortable level of back bending. The hands can also be raised over the head and back with the palms together or separate.

Standing backbend stretches the spine and promotes flexibility, promotes respiratory and cardiovascular health, improves posture and energizes the body.

Those with chronic neck, back or hip conditions should refrain from practicing this pose.

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