Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Awareness Mean?

Awareness is a state of being conscious of one’s self and one’s surroundings. A state of being conscious and aware of one's awareness is called self-awareness and is considered a higher form of awareness. The science of biological psychology defines awareness as perception and cognitive response to a situation or circumstance.

Yoga is one of the best tools to build awareness on both physical and psychological levels. It teaches one to be aware of one's body, mind and breath, and to become more aware of the inner Self.


Yogapedia Explains Awareness

The importance of awareness is in the ability to control the mind. The senses, perception, sight and thoughts become more clear. Yoga helps to become more aware of the body, mind, breath and emotions by watching the processes in the body and mind as a witness. Meditation is an important yoga practice and one of the most powerful tools to help one find the inner Self, to calm and silence the mind, and to attain self-awareness.

The practice of self-awareness is promoted by psychotherapists, coaches, healers and other experts in the field of human potential development. Self-awareness is considered a base for both physical and psychological well-being and yoga is a path toward achieving this. The awareness that is attained during a yoga class desirably stays accessible even for the time off the mat.

Reaching awareness is necessary in order to reach the asan point during asana practice, the point in which the yogi practitioner shifts from focusing on the physical aspects of holding a pose into the mental clarity and stillness that the asana brings.

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