Inner Self

Last Updated: June 12, 2018

Definition - What does Inner Self mean?

The inner self is an individual’s personal, internal identity - one that is distinct from identities defined by external, social forces and relationships. It is closely linked to a person’s values, beliefs, goals and motivations.

The term also implies a level of authenticity not associated with external identities and labels; it is the “true self.” Many refer to the inner self as the soul, particularly in spiritual contexts. Meditation and yoga have been used for thousands of years as a way to tune into the body and access and align with the inner self.

Yogapedia explains Inner Self

The inner self is a state of consciousness that can be accessed through meditation and introspection, which promote greater self-awareness and acceptance. Yoga philosophy views each person's core self as perfect, but aims to help bring awareness to negative patterns or thoughts that may not be serving a person's higher purpose. Yoga is the process of cleaning the mind of all the things that keep the true inner self from shining through.

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