Definition - What does Soul mean?

The soul is the part of an individual that is considered the immortal spirit. It is considered to give life and breath to the body, but leaves the body upon death. In yoga, it is believed that contained within each person is a Self and a soul, of which there are two types: the individual soul and the universal soul, or super soul.

Soul is also known as atman in Sanskrit.

Yogapedia explains Soul

In many religions, the soul is thought to be eternal and unchanging, and created by or connected with the Divine. It is considered to be the force of life, spirit, light, or the Divine within a person. It is also considered in many religions and cultures to be the eternal and most real part of an individual.

Within the practice of yoga, an individual aims to discipline the body and ego in order to connect the individual soul with the supreme soul, or Divine, thereby realizing the true Self. In yoga philosophy, this is accomplished through meditation, self-study and self-discipline throughout one’s practice.

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