Life Force

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Life Force Mean?

Life force is the term given in yoga for one of the two types of energy that are present in all beings. The other type of energy is that of the mind, or consciousness.

In the body, life force is thought to be responsible for maintaining all the physical functions, including life, heat and health. Therefore, if one's body is deficient in life force, then he/she is likely to become physically or mentally unwell. However, when one's body has plenty of life force, then the yogi is in perfect health.

The Sanskrit term for life force is prana.


Yogapedia Explains Life Force

Life force can be cultivated in many ways. The yogic practice of pranayama is one way in which the life force energy can be sustained and enhanced. One interpretation of the term prayanama means the "extension of life force." Through harnessing and controlling the breath, it is thought that the life force can be developed and channelled effectively. It is said that meditation is not possible without a great deal of life force energy. Therefore pranayama practices are often performed before meditation.

Other practices that are said to improve the life force are chanting and certain yoga postures that stimulate the life force in particular areas of the body. For instance, cat pose, cobra pose and warrior two are all thought to stimulate more life force and leave the yogi feeling energized.

Life force is also considered to be the body's natural healing energy.

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Life Force Energy

Pranic Energy

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