Definition - What does Divine mean?

Divine is a word used to describe something (or someone) that has the qualities of a god or deity. The word can also refer to a specific god, a supreme being, or the universal Power.

Some yogic teachings state that there is an element of the Divine in everyone. Practicing yoga is one way to connect with that internal divinity. In Integral yoga, for example, the goal is to integrate the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of one's self in order to connect with the Divine within.

Yogapedia explains Divine

The notion of the Divine in yoga is closely related to the concepts of atman and brahman. Atman is the individual Self, Consciousness or soul, while brahman is the universal Consciousness, or Absolute Reality. Because both atman and brahman are infinite, they are ultimately the same thing. Through yoga, it is possible to connect with the Divine of the individual Self (atman) and to reach oneness with the universal Consciousness (brahman).

The term namaste, often said at the end of yoga classes, can be considered a reference to the Divine. One translation of the sentiment is: "The divine light in me honors the divine light in you." Therefore, the word acknowledges the belief that there is a spark of divinity within every individual.

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