Last Updated: November 27, 2017

Definition - What does Boundlessness mean?

Boundlessness is the sensation of having no boundaries and not being limited in any way. It can also indicate a selfless state of feeling at one with all things.

In the context of yoga practice, this term can refer to the way in which the body and mind can work together to provide an individual with the feeling of infinite possibility and being at one with the world around them. In advanced stages of yoga practice and meditation, as the ego becomes diminished and eventually destroyed, the practitioner will reach a state of mental and emotional boundlessness wherein they no longer feel separated from anything.

Yogapedia explains Boundlessness

For many people, practicing yoga is a means of removing the limitations that they feel, whether they are physical or mental. Understanding and gently pushing or changing the boundaries of the body will increase the practitioner's sense of what's possible.

The act of meditating and moving the body into different asanas while controling the breath is a way of exploring the universe and feeling a part of it. This opens up the practitioner's mind to the idea that they are not restricted to the physical body and the boundaries represented by it.

Advanced yogis often go on to contemplate the inner Self and its relation to the universe. With this practice comes a greater sense of boundlessness and inner peace.

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