Last Updated: December 5, 2018

Definition - What does Shraddha mean?

Shraddha is a Sanskrit word which describes a positive type of energy that comes from deep within each person and shapes that person’s world and life.

It can also be viewed as a firmly held conviction in the life path that a person has chosen. Shraddha is present in the most intense emotions that we feel, both happy and sad. It reflects our inner Self and our virtues, as well as the values that we hold in highest regard.

In yoga, knowing and acknowledging one's shraddha can help the practitioner tailor their yoga practice to best suit their life path.

Yogapedia explains Shraddha

The concept of faith is the closest thing that Western culture has to an equivalent for shraddha.

In addition, Shraddha is a Hindu ceremony that is carried out in order to honor a deceased ancestor. This is seen as both a religious rite and social responsibility.

By understanding what their shraddha is, a yogi can understand that their life journey is the correct one for them and build up faith in themselves and their decisions. It may also help the individual choose a yoga style and a set of spiritual practices that will be the most meaningful for their chosen life path.

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