Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Backbend Mean?

In yoga, a backbend is a pose that offers multiple health benefits. Backbends may seem difficult for beginners as it is seldom that one bends backward to accomplish a task in day-to-day life. Starting with simple backbends will help the yogi perfect advanced versions. A backbend posture may involve various positions including standing and seated asanas.


Yogapedia Explains Backbend

Before performing a backbend, it is important to first warm up to prepare the body and ensure a comfortable and satisfying yoga session. Trying to stretch beyond one’s flexibility level or not focusing on the alignment of the body in a pose may result in injury.

Backbend postures stretch and strengthen the spine, open the chest, strengthen the digestive system, promote hip flexibility, improve posture, energize the body, relieve negative emotions and promote courage.

Basic backbend asanas include bridge pose, cat pose, cobra pose, bow pose and camel pose. Advanced backbends include full wheel pose, wild thing pose, king pigeon pose and its variations, and scorpion pose.

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