Definition - What does Sama-Vritti mean?
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Sama-vritti is an equal ratio breathing technique practiced by making sure that the inhalation is the same length as the exhalation. This may be facilitated by a mental count to ensure the evenness is maintained.

Vritti refers to the fluctuations of the mind, and sama-vritti is generally thought of as a soothing, calming and centering practice, which helps to calm the mind.

Yogapedia explains Sama-Vritti

Pranayama practices such as sama-vritti are often thought of as even more powerful than asana practices. It is important when first learning pranayama to practice sama-vritti gently and without strain.

Sama-vritti is often described in contrast to its alternative ratio breathing technique, vishama-vritti, in which the inhalation and exhalation are made to be uneven in length. Considered a more basic pranayama, it is recommended to master sama-vritti before attempting vishama-vritti.

Sama-vritti is also thought to be very beneficial because it engages the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps the yogi to transition into a more relaxed, restorative state. It is said that sama-vritti promotes balance and evenness in the natural flow of consciousness. This enhanced level of equilibrium can help reduce agitation and anxiety.

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