Downward-Facing Dog Plank Flow

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Downward-Facing Dog Plank Flow Mean?

Downward-facing dog plank flow is a simple sequence of yoga postures which can be practiced as part of a physical yoga routine.

The flow starts in downward-facing dog, then on an inhale, the torso is drawn forward so the shoulders stack over the wrists and the body comes into plank pose. The spine is lengthened and the heels press away to engage the core and thighs. On an exhale, the belly is drawn in and the hips lift back and up into downward-facing dog.

This flowing sequence can be repeated up to 10 times. The flow has a range of physical benefits, as it includes all the benefits of downward-facing dog and plank poses and movements to strengthen the core, shoulders and arms.


Yogapedia Explains Downward-Facing Dog Plank Flow

Downward-facing dog plank flow may be performed as part of a yoga flow used to help with weight loss, as it requires a substantial amount of muscular effort and energy. The integration of movements works the whole body. The use of the breath in the flow promotes mindfulness, which may help with making positive decisions.

It is said that the sequence can be repeated between five and 10 times. It is important that it is practiced slowly with the breath. In plank pose, a balance should be felt between the energy and strength of the front and back of the body. Downward-facing dog is considered the more restful part of the flow, but the shoulders should still be lifted rather than allowing them to collapse under the weight of the body.

This sequence also forms part of the traditional vinyasa sequence. It moves from downward-facing dog to plank pose, then lowers to to chaturanga dandasana and into upward-facing dog before returning to downward-facing dog. Practicing downward-facing dog plank flow can help build strength for the full vinyasa.

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