Vishnu Shakti

Definition - What does Vishnu Shakti mean?

Vishnu shakti is the name given in yogic philosophy and Hinduism to a type of energy, or power, which is considered to be sustaining energy. The broader term, shakti, refers to the primordial cosmic energy that fills the universe. In Hinduism, Shakti is specifically the personification of divine feminine creative power. Vishnu shakti is considered the sustaining energy because it refers to the Hindu god of preservation, Vishnu.

The concept of shakti and manifestations of shakti is particularly important in Kundalini yoga.

Yogapedia explains Vishnu Shakti

Vishnu shakti is an integral part of the energy of the universe, with its role to protect the universe and maintain it. Vishnu shakti can, therefore, be considered the energy behind anything that saves humankind from tyranny or natural disasters.

According to Hindu philosophy, on the earthly plane, all forms of shakti are most tangibly manifested through females, creativity and fertility; however, males also possess shakti in a potential form which is not fully manifested. Shakti is responsible for all creation and change in existence. Thus, Vishnu shakti is specifically responsible for all the energy and work of preserving existence.

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