How do I hold shakti?


How do I hold shakti?


In the Tantric yoga tradition, there’s the concept of Shiva and Shakti. It’s the understanding that a human being holds both masculine and feminine energies within their body, mind and spirit. The masculine energy is known as Shiva, while the feminine energy is called Shakti. Depending upon the time, place or circumstance, you might wish to hold more feminine energy in your body, more masculine energy, or you might wish to integrate the two to bring about a sense of wholeness. Some people typically have more of one than the other, but we all have both energies within ourselves. Let’s take a look at a few ways to hold the divine feminine energy known as shakti.

One way to hold shakti is to surrender. Letting go of your past, letting go sexually, and letting go of your ego to surrender everything to the Divine is one way to embody your shakti nature. Holding a quality of surrender is a great way to practice embodying Shakti.

Everything that’s arising in life is arising through the shakti energy. Her nature is rhythmic movement, energy, power and dance – the freedom to become whatever it is you will become. You can think of Shiva as pure being in all his stability, strength and purpose. Now, the feminine side is all about he act of becoming in all her endless openings to every possibility through creativity, rhythm, movement and sensuality. Shakti shape shifts and takes on life as a dance. She is sinuous and wild, flowing and flexible in nature.

Consider these characteristics of the divine feminine energy within you and think about the ways you might like to cultivate these characteristics. Meditate upon the many ways you can get deeply embodied within your shakti nature, to become more and more divinely feminine!

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