Mantra Shakti

Definition - What does Mantra Shakti mean?

Mantra shakti is the universal cosmic energy as personified by the Hindu mother goddess, Shakti, that is evoked by the repetitive recitation of a single syllable, word or series of phrases. In yoga, chanting a mantra aloud or silently is a practice that yogis use to focus concentration on one thought and/or still the mind in meditation. The vibration of the sounds is said to activate spiritual energy.

Shakti is associated with creation and all dynamic forces in the universe. In Tantra yoga and meditation, yogis contemplate Shakti to understand and access the energy, power and creativity in themselves and the universe. Shakti mantras transform prana and consciousness at the deepest levels.

Yogapedia explains Mantra Shakti

Shakti bija (single-syllable or "seed") mantras are some of the most powerful mantras, foremost being Om, which is the sound of the universe, cosmic energy and creation. The main shakti mantras and their energies are: Om (pranic energy), Aieem (sound), Hreem (solar), Shreem (lunar), Kreem (electric), Kleem (magnetic), Hum (fire), Hleem (power to stop), Streem (power to stabilize) and Treem (power to transcend).

Mantra shakti can also be elicited from a series of phrases with specific meanings. One very common shakti mantra is the First Shakti mantra, or Adi Shakti mantra, which calls on the goddess' protective energy to eliminate fear and fulfill desires:

Adi shakti (primal power), adi shakti, adi shakti, namo namo,

Sarab shakti (all-encompassing power), sarab shakti, sarab shakti, namo namo,

Prithum bhagawati (divine creation), prithum bhagawati, prithum bhagawati, namo namo,

Kundalini mata shakti (mother of all energy), mata shakti, namo namo.

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