Last Updated: August 5, 2018

Definition - What does Hreem mean?

Hreem is a one-syllable sound chanted either silently or aloud as a seed, or bija, mantra. Bija mantras are believed to calm the mind and keep the focus on a particular thought or purpose.

The mantra is invoked during yoga practice and meditation and is valued for the power of its vibration. Each Hindu deity is associated with a particular sound vibration. As the seed mantra of the Great Goddess, hreem promotes healing and creativity, and purifies the heart, opening it to compassion.

Yogapedia explains Hreem

Some consider hreem as on a par with om, which is the cosmic vibration that represents Brahman and perhaps the most recognizable bija mantra. Hreem is so highly placed because it is also the mantra and sound vibration of the cosmic heart and higher consciousness.

Although the word, hreem, doesn't have a specific meaning in and of itself, the individual letters are symbolic:

  • Ha means Shiva, one of the main Hindu deities
  • Ra is prakriti, or nature in all its forms, including universal and intelligence
  • Ee (i in the alternate spelling of the word) refers to Mahamaya, the mother of the universe
  • Mm is nada, or the sound of the mother of existence

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