Definition - What does Hleem mean?

Hleem is a bija, or one-syllable sound, mantra associated with Bagalamukhi, one of the 10 Hindu wisdom goddesses and the goddess of hypnotic power. She is considered a protective force. Bija, or "seed," mantras typically have no literal meaning but provide a connection to specific energies or spiritual principles, thereby accelerating physical, spiritual and emotional growth and transformation.

In yoga practice, bija mantras are chanted while performing poses or during meditation to focus concentration on one purpose and/or to quiet the mind.

Yogapedia explains Hleem

Hleem is considered a shakti (female divine energy) mantra and is recited for its power to stop whatever bad or evil force is affecting the yogi. It is also chanted for power in general, fame, victory and the elimination of enemies. As a shakti mantra, hleem contains the vibratory “ee” sound, which is the primal sound of shakti; the consonant “l,” which has a calming and stabilizing effect; the “h” sound, which indicates prana.

Bija mantras can be chanted alone or as a part of a longer mantra. Although some mantras may be translatable, their meanings are less important than the sound vibrations they make, which provide the real benefit of the mantras.

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