Prakriti Shakti

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Prakriti Shakti Mean?

Prakriti shakti is a Sanskrit term used in yogic philosophy to denote “power/energy/force of creation.” The two words, prakriti and shakti, are sometimes used interchangeably, but when they are put together, they refer to the overall energy that brings nature into being and sustains it.

Prakriti alone tends to mean “nature” or “matter.” It is what makes up the physical, material world. Similarly, shakti alone is often used to symbolize the feminine activating power/energy. Its corresponding masculine principle, consciousness, is known as shiva. Consciousness can also be called purusha, which is the corresponding yet opposite principle of prakriti.


Yogapedia Explains Prakriti Shakti

According to yogic philosophy, whenever energy exists in the world and whenever power becomes active, shakti is working. Prakriti is the manifestation of this energy in the world.

Shakti is a maternal principle and is considered the provider and source of abundance. It offers nourishment, warmth and security, as well as provides energy and impetus for action.

Both of the pairs, shiva/shakti and purusha/prakriti, are considered to be different aspects of one universal Truth, or two sides of one coin. The Absolute Reality is said to encapsulate both in perfect harmony and simultaneous existence.

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