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What Does Shakti Mean?

Shakti is the Hindu goddess responsible for creation and all dynamic forces in the universe. She is also called The Great Divine Mother or The Universal Mother. In Tantra yoga and meditation, yogis contemplate Goddess Shakti to understand and access the shakti energy, power and creativity in themselves and the universe. This allows one to view their powers as expressions of the universe rather than the ego.


Yogapedia Explains Shakti

In Tantra, Shakti is worshiped as the Divine feminine that imbues every living being and deity with energy, power and creativity. Her divine feminine energy has no beginning or end and is in constant play.

While Shaktism and Shaivism both consider Shakti and Shiva as divine beings essential to balance in the universe, Shaktism focuses worship on Shakti. Shiva is still viewed as the masculine aspect of the Divine, but is not the focus of worship as much as he is in Shaivism.

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Great Divine Mother

Universal Mother




Goddess Energy


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