Last Updated: July 15, 2017

Definition - What does Drk mean?

Drk is a Sanskrit word used in conjunction with the Sanskrit concept of shakti to represent the power of shakti consciousness and the power of the yogi, who is able to experience shakti. Drk is derived from the Sanskrit word, drg, referring to the process on learning to experience the true Self, separate from the limited physical or ego self. Drk, when combined with shakti, refers to both the process undertaken and the ability of the yogi to experience the feminine cosmic energy that is shakti.

Yogapedia explains Drk

Shakti, referring to both power and empowerment on a cosmic level, is credited with creation and the constant and evolving change present in the universe. The ability to expand the individual consciousness and experience this liberation requires significant practice on the part of the yogi to be able to open the mind to unbounded consciousness. When a yogi develops the ability to see or experience shakti, this recognition is attributed to the true Self, separate from the ego of the self that lives in the physical world.

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