Shiva Shakti

Definition - What does Shiva Shakti mean?

Shiva shakti is the power of transformation and liberation in some yoga traditions. It is one of three main forces and is personified in the Hindu god, Shiva, the transformer and destroyer of evil; while the feminine shakti energy is represented by his consort, Parvati (sometimes referred to as Mahadevi).

The masculine Shiva represents consciousness. The feminine shakti is the activating and energizing principle. The two are said to unite in the crown chakra, sparking transformation in the form of spiritual enlightenment.

Yogapedia explains Shiva Shakti

Shiva shakti is also associated with destruction, or the destroying force, which paves the way for transformation.

The other two main forces in some yoga traditions are:

  • Brahma shakti – the force of creating
  • Vishnu shakti – the force of maintaining

It is believed that each yogi has a dominant force, but must develop all three – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva shakti – to reach guru shakti. In yoga, the shaktis can be activated and developed through the practice of meditation, pranayama and even asana.

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