Kriya Shakti

Definition - What does Kriya Shakti mean?

In Hindu and yogic philosophy, kriya shakti is the power to act. Derived from Sanskrit, kriya means “action” and shakti means “intelligent energy.”

Kriya shakti is one of three parts of the creative cosmic power called shakti. The other two parts are iccha shakti (willpower) and jnana shakti (the power to know). It is the combination of these three shaktis that operates the universe. In order for something to be completed, all three shaktis must be in harmony. For example, to build a vegetable garden, you must have the desire to do so (iccha), the knowledge to create it (jnana) and the physical ability (kriya).

Yogapedia explains Kriya Shakti

Kriya shakti is often called the shakti of manifestation, but it is also the shakti of creativity and inspiration. In combination with jnana shakti, kriya shakti gives one the power to create music, art and creative advances in just about any field. Anyone can use this shakti in conjunction with other types of shakti to improve their lives by creating wealth and good health.

Methods for activating kriya shakti include yoga asanas, pranayama, mantras, mudras and meditation. One mantra that can be chanted to awaken kriya shakti is: Om Hum Kriya-Saktyal Namah.

Kriya shakti is associated with Karma yoga, the yoga of good works and service. This shakti is also related to the Hindu goddess, Kali, the powerful goddess of creation and destruction.

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