Mantrika Shakti

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Mantrika Shakti Mean?

Mantrika shakti is a Sanskrit term meaning “the power of words.” Mantrika may be translated as “enchanter,” “reciter of spells” or “sorcerer”; and shakti may be translated as “power,” “energy,” “strength” or “ability.” Shakti is also the name given in Hinduism and yogic philosophy for the primordial cosmic energy that is the personification of the divine, creative, feminine power of the universe.

In practice, mantrika shakti refers to the power of not just words, but also speech, music and mantras. As such, mantrika shakti also refers to the power of mantra recitation.


Yogapedia Explains Mantrika Shakti

Patanjali, the great yogic sage, taught that someone who speaks the truth has the power of materializing their words; as such, the mantrika shakti of such a person influences the whole universe.

Others describe mantrika shakti as the power behind their words, or the power of their intentions. As such, they believe that using their words to state their intentions helps to manifest what they desire.

There are many mantras and devotional songs that explicitly worship the divine feminine, or shakti, energy. These include the Kundalini-Shakti-Bhakti mantra, which calls upon the Divine Mother.

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