Divine Mother

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Divine Mother Mean?

The Divine Mother is a concept in yogic and Hindu philosophy that refers to the feminine aspect of the primal creator of the universe, or the spiritual spark of all life. In Hinduism, the Divine Mother may also be used as a term to refer to several of the supreme goddesses, including Adi Parashakti and Bhagavathi.

Sri Aurobindo, in his teachings about Integral yoga, particularly emphasized the significance of the Divine Mother. In terms of spiritual development, he believed that the final stage of perfection was surrender to the Divine Mother. Devotion to the Divine Mother is considered the highest form of worship.

The Divine Mother represents the true power of love, safety and transcendental consciousness. This is different from egoistic notions of power, which often involve dominance and control.


Yogapedia Explains Divine Mother

The Divine Mother of Sri Aurobindo’s teachings and the Tantric tradition is considered to be the Supreme Intelligence that resides behind matter and beyond everything.

The Divine Mother is also associated with the Sanskrit term shakti, which is considered to be the active force and the power of the Divine, and it is regarded as a feminine principle. Shakti and, thus, the Divine Mother, are considered to be manifest in all things.

Sri Aurobindo taught that the Divine Mother’s movement is impossible to follow because she dominates all existence and is one consciousness, but with many sides. She mediates between the divinity of Nature and the individual human personality. She is the link between the creation of all in the universe and the magnificence of the Supreme.

It is said that the Divine Mother embodies deep love and kindness, but can also use divine violence to strike human beings awake or to destroy obstacles one creates to prevent oneself from leading a spiritual life. She is also considered to be the soul and inner beauty of all that is created.

Practicing Integral yoga, or a more feminine-focused form of yoga such as Goddess yoga, can help the individual understand and connect with the Divine Mother.

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