Kashmir Shaivism

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Kashmir Shaivism Mean?

Kashmir Shaivism is a school of the Tantric Shaiva tradition that originated in Kashmir between approximately 700 – 1100 C.E. During this time, Kashmir was the epicenter of intellectual and spiritual life.

Kashmir Shaivism devotees believe in an all-powerful deity, Shiva, that is a universal, shared consciousness. This consciousness is believed to be within each individual and, similar to a spiritual yoga practice, Kashmir Shaivism centers on revealing the inner Self as connected with a higher Consciousness.


Yogapedia Explains Kashmir Shaivism

The central concept of Kashmir Shaivism is that an individual’s existence is simply the unlimited manifestation of universal Consciousness. This school of Shaivisim highly values ideas of free choice and the creative energy contained within each individual. Kashmir Shaivism was also influenced by several Indian philosophical and spiritual traditions, including ideas from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and Yogacara. Kashmir Shaivisim is also known as Trika or Trika yoga, referring to the worship of a triad of goddesses, Para, Parapara and Apara.

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Kashmiri Shaivism

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