Definition - What does Para mean?

Para is a Sanskrit word which translates literally to mean "supreme," "highest" or "absolute." It is found in a number of different terms and phrases linked to yoga. For example, the phrase para tattva means "supreme truth." It is used to refer to teachings that represent the highest embodiment of truth and is used to describe the Supreme/Absolute Reality.

Another example common in Vedic teachings is the Hindu tattva of paramatman, which translates as the "Supreme Self."

Yogapedia explains Para

Yet another is the phrase, para vidya, which means "a higher level of learning and knowledge" in Hindu philosophy. In this case, para is used to mean the "highest point" or "paramount object."

In Hindu mythology, there is a goddess known as Para Shakti. She is an embodiment of the goddesses Devi/Parvati/Durga. Her name means "Supreme Being."

There is also a school, the Para Yoga school. The school was founded by Rod Stryker and combines a range of yoga practices by bringing together classical yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda.

In many ways, it is easiest to think of para as an adjective that denotes "the highest" or "supreme" expression of a subject or object.

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