Definition - What does Harwan mean?

Harwan is a small village located in Kashmir, India. It contains a historic site where many believe the "Shiva Sutras" are located. The "Shiva Sutras" are 14 verses of Sanskrit phonemes inspired or given by the Divine, and are used by those with an advanced or deepened yoga spiritual practice to further understand the Sanskrit language for use in mantra chanting or meditation.

Yogapedia explains Harwan

The "Shiva Sutras" were thought to be given by the Hindu god, Shiva, to Panini, who wrote the initial text of Sanskrit grammar. In the town of Harwan, various ancient remains have been found during excavations, including remains of monuments that represented the Kushans, as well as images of Buddha. Harwan is thought to house the "Shiva Sutras," which are carved into a rock called Shankarpal that is located in a river.

Many yogis choose to grow their spiritual practice by studying the "Shiva Sutras" and to further understand the mystical, ancient traditions and lineage of yoga.

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