Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Anavopaya Mean?

Anavopaya is a concept central to the practice of Kashmir Shaivism, also known as Trika (three-fold) philosophy. It is one of the three methods in the Shaivist tradition to attain transcendence of the self. Although considered the inferior method of the three, it is still believed that yogis who practice these methods can unite with the Divine Consciousness.

In anavopaya, an individual increases awareness of their God Consciousness through the practice of mantra, pranayama and meditation – specifically, meditation which focuses on the inhale and exhale of the breath.


Yogapedia Explains Anavopaya

The ultimate goal of Kashmir Shaivism is unity with the all-encompassing divine energy of the Hindu god, Shiva. In anavopaya, all the methods of how a yogi understands God Consciousness (meditation, breath and sense organs) are focused on objects outside of the self. The Self is to be experienced through the help of concentrating on these external objects and concepts. This is done by meditating continuously on the dissolution of these external forms, from the most solid (body) to the most subtle (thoughts).

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