Shiva Sutras

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Shiva Sutras Mean?

The "Shiva Sutras," or "Aksarasamamnaya," are 14 verses of Sanskrit phonemes. From these verses, 281 different combinations of letters and bound letters (anubandhas) can be made. The "Shiva Sutras" are part of the foundation of Sanskrit grammar.

Yoga practitioners who are very advanced in their spiritual path may decide to study the "Shiva Sutras" in order to deepen their understanding of the Sanskrit language, which can help them better practice mantra chanting, asana and mediation.


Yogapedia Explains Shiva Sutras

Legend says that the "Shiva Sutras" were revealed to Panini by Lord Shiva. The story goes that Panini wasn’t a very good student and was sent to the mountains to meditate. Shiva was impressed by his dedication and came to dance before him. Inspired by this display, Panini wrote the Shiva Sutras.

Additionally, the collection of 77 aphorisms that Kashmir Shaivism is based on are also known as the "Shiva Sutras of Vasugupta." The legend for this collection states that Lord Shiva came to Vasugupta in a dream and told him where to find the teachings.

Yoga practitioners may use these aphorisms to deepen their understanding of a mystical tradition that can supplement their yoga practice with spiritual aspects. Many believe that the original "Shiva Sutras" are located in the small village of Harwan located in Kashmir, India.

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