Spiritual Practice

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Spiritual Practice Mean?

A spiritual practice is a discipline of regular actions or activities performed to cultivate spiritual development or create spiritual experiences. Also called a spiritual discipline or spiritual path, it is undertaken to reach a goal such as salvation, union with the Divine, or freedom from worldly troubles.

Although a physical and mental discipline, yoga is also a spiritual practice. In fact, yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “union,” referring to union with the Self or the Divine.


Yogapedia Explains Spiritual Practice

Some yoga practitioners may expand their practice into the religious realm of Hinduism or Buddhism, but the spiritual practice of yoga is not a religion on its own. It simply facilitates the search for meaning, connection with the true Self, and union with a higher power.

Traditional yogis use their yoga practice to experience Spirit and become aware of the spiritual energy within. Asanas and meditation may be used as daily spiritual practices that clear the mind, with the goal of discovering spiritual Truth.

The Sanskrit word for this type of spiritual practice is sadhana, which translates to “realization.” In addition to asanas and meditation, sadhana may involve the use of sacred gestures (mudras) and recitation of repeated words or phrases (mantras).

Without its spiritual aspect, yoga is just a fitness and relaxation practice.

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