Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Yogini Mean?

Yogini refers to a female master of yoga. The male counterpart is called a yogi. In the literature of classical Sanskrit, the term also refers to “enlightened goddess” and “divine mother.”

In addition to being devotees of meditation, asanas and pranayama, yoginis are recognized for their harmonious attitude and quality of grace.


Yogapedia Explains Yogini

Yogini is the honored title bestowed upon female individuals who are insightful masters of the practice of yoga. Yoginis passionately display their devotion to the pursuit of enlightenment and they are regarded as the embodiment of spiritual grace.

In Hindu traditions, yoginis represent the kundalini, or essential primal force, that exists in all things. They represent the energy encased within the chakras and are acknowledged as the “divine mothers” of universal harmony.

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