Last Updated: May 7, 2018

Definition - What does Grace mean?

Grace is defined as "elegance and beauty of movement." This meaning can certainly be applied to the poetic postures of yoga; however, it is a more profound definition of grace that truly represents the philosophy of the practice. In the yoga tradition, grace implies surrender and devotion: devotion to the practice and surrender to the Divine. Without this type of grace, the yoga practitioner remains tethered to the material world and its negative influences.

Yogapedia explains Grace

In the tradition of yoga, grace is not simply the beauty of movement; it implies presence, surrender and mindfulness. Grace is a state of being that is earned through discipline. The yoga practitioner must be present and devoted to the tradition, renounce the material world, and surrender to the Divine. Finally, the practitioner must be mindful of the breath, the pose and the spiritual intent of the practice. It is only with an attitude of grace that the yoga disciple can transcend secular experience and achieve spiritual rebirth.

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