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What Does Shrimati Mean?

Shrimati is a term used in several Indian languages, traditionally as a title for a married, adult woman. It is akin to the English "Mrs." The abbreviation is "Smt." This honorific is usually placed right before the name of the respected woman. Unmarried women bear the title kum or kumari.

Shrimati is often used in the dharmic sense by Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains as a prefix when referring to a venerable female or sacred person of high character.


Yogapedia Explains Shrimati

In Sanskrit, Shrimati means "beautiful," "charming" or "lovely." It is derived from shreamtia, translated as "fat tiger." It symbolizes fearlessness, spirit and beauty.

The equivalent honorific for men is Sri, or Shri. According to Sanskrit grammar, Shri is a feminine term; but, since it was considered a masculine term, the term Shrimati was established for married women and the feminine term Sushri, which does not indicate marital status.

The meaning and use of prefixes Shri or Shrimati is quite unique in the Indian language. Although they are akin to the English "Mr." and "Mrs.," it is said that they are not quite the same because of the deeper meaning and significance the words carry when using them as a reference to sacred beings.

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