Core Strength Vinyasa

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Core Strength Vinyasa Mean?

Core Strength Vinyasa yoga is a type of practice based in the Hatha yoga tradition and developed by New York-based yoga teacher, Sadie Nardini. Nardini describes Core Strength Vinyasa as a different “perspective” on yoga rather than a distinct style or school.

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word that means “movement” or “arrangement.” It typically refers to a flowing sequence of yoga postures and movements synchronized with the breath. Core Strength Vinyasa yoga, as the name suggests, focuses on the core muscles, but goes beyond that to include the core of yoga postures on the spiritual, mental, emotional and energy levels.


Yogapedia Explains Core Strength Vinyasa

One of the key elements of Core Strength Vinyasa is the wave-like movements. In this yoga practice, the definition of the physical core goes beyond the abdominal muscles to include the interconnecting muscle lines throughout the body that comprise the muscular support system.

Nardini created a series of core poses, movements and sequences that focus on what she calls “core-generated alignment.” By working from this deep-muscle and inner-focus core, Core Strength Vinyasa improves both physical and mental stability and, according to Nardini, results in a quicker and more efficient transformation of the body and mind, including confidence and self-awareness.

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