CorePower Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does CorePower Yoga Mean?

CorePower Yoga is the brand name for a large chain of privately owned yoga studios. CorePower Yoga is mainly known for their signature class style created by their founder, Trevor Tice, which combine elements of Power yoga, Ashtanga yoga and Vinyasa Flow yoga. They aspire to make yoga both accessible and appealing to a broad audience, and emphasize the physical more than the spiritual aspects of yoga practice.


Yogapedia Explains CorePower Yoga

Some of the defining principles of the CorePower Yoga approach are:

  • Playing a modern, fun and accessible soundtrack.
  • Welcoming beginners.
  • Emphasizing the development of strength, especially core strength.
  • Teaching the English before the Sanskrit names for poses.

CorePower Yoga markets itself as providing yoga with added intensity and benefits. Many of the classes in CorePower Yoga incorporate cross-training techniques into the yoga practice, such as “boot camp,” “sculpting” and yoga with weights. They offer Hot yoga classes as well as non-heated options. Some of the studios offer special classes, workshops and retreats.

Along with yoga classes, CorePower Yoga has its own Yoga Alliance certified 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program.

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