TriBalance Hot Yoga

Definition - What does TriBalance Hot Yoga mean?

TriBalance hot yoga is a style of yoga that fits under the umbrella of the popular form of yoga called “hot yoga,” in which the practice is performed in a room heated to between 95 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

TriBalance is similar to the most popular form of hot yoga, Bikram, but there are some key differences. Bikram is a structured yoga program consisting of 26 poses in a set order plus pranayama exercises to focus on the physical benefits of practice in a heated and humid environment. TriBalance hot yoga, on the other hand, focuses inward with meditation and varied postures that promote the goal of unifying the body with the mind and spirit.

Yogapedia explains TriBalance Hot Yoga

TriBalance hot yoga does not have a set series of poses and uses dim lighting to encourage more of an inward focus. The temperature tends to be higher than in a Bikram class – about 110 degrees Fahrenheit – and the humidity tends to be lower. Some TriBalance classes do not add humidity at all.

Other differences include:

  • TriBalance places emphasis on core and upper body strengthening as well as poses to stretch the back and hips.
  • Poses are usually held only once (Bikram does two sets of poses), and the postures are held longer to work the deep fascia tissues as in Yin yoga.

TriBalance hot yoga is thought to be effective in rehabilitating spinal injuries. Pregnant yoginis, however, are encouraged to skip hot yoga because of potential risk to the fetus.

TriBalance hot yoga was created by Corey Kelly who, along with Shawnda Falvo, opened TriBalance Yoga in Schaumburg, Ill. in 2007. Kelly developed this hot yoga method by combining what he believed were the best aspects of several styles of yoga, including Niyama, Yin and Bikram.

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