Yoga Studio

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Yoga Studio Mean?

A yoga studio is a room, building or other place where yoga classes and instruction take place. It can be as simple as a single room or as complex as a structure with multiple classrooms with built-in props and heated humidified rooms for Hot yoga.

Statistically, most yoga studios tend to be small, according to a 2016 Yoga Alliance report. In the United States, just over half of yoga studios serve fewer than 100 students per week and half employ less than six yoga instructors.


Yogapedia Explains Yoga Studio

According to the Yoga Alliance report, nearly 30 percent of yoga instructors in the United States teach at a studio, but that leads the list of locations where yoga is taught. Yoga studios often supplement their income from other sources, such as non-yoga fitness classes, wellness or health services, and the sale of apparel, equipment and accessories. Some larger yoga studios also act as a yoga school offering instructor training, sometimes in the studio’s own patented style of the discipline.

The most successful yoga studios focus on a particular style of yoga and related practices, although larger studios are able to accommodate a variety of classes and styles to meet a range of student needs. Yoga classes can range from traditional Hatha yoga with emphasis on asanas, meditation and pranayama, to the more modern Bikram yoga with structured asana practice in a heated room.

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