Thai Yoga Vinyasa

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Thai Yoga Vinyasa Mean?

Thai yoga vinyasa is a type of yoga practiced by two yogis, based on the ancient practice of Thai massage. A giver and a receiver participate in the class, the giver guiding the receiver through the movements and assisting with the stretching and lengthening of the body. The movements are usually relaxing and relieving, and the two participants are connected through breath and touch throughout the class.

Although based on Thai massage, this practice places more importance on the breath and the connection between breath and movement.


Yogapedia Explains Thai Yoga Vinyasa

Thai yoga vinyasa flows, with the breath and the strong exchange in giving and receiving, builds energy. It must be practiced under the guidance of a certified teacher, as all bodies are different and may be massaged in different ways. The practice includes principles of both Ayurveda and Thai massage, a healing art, which has its roots in the temples of Thailand.

The practice of Thai yoga vinyasa helps with muscle relaxation, boosts circulation, supports the immune system and provides an energetic balance to the whole body. The connection through the breath energizes and relaxes the body simultaneously and enhances the benefits of the physical movement.

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