Shanti Vira

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Shanti Vira Mean?

Shanti Vira is a sanskrit mantra used to help the yogi realize their true Self. The mantra is comprised of two Sanskrit words, shanti, meaning “universal peace,” and vira, meaning “infinite power” or “strength.” The mantra is understood to mean that the intention of the yogi is to have the power and strength to experience peace and be able to promote peace even in difficult situations.


Yogapedia Explains Shanti Vira

Mantras are used as a way for yogis to still the mind through the repetition of the mantra and control of the breath. However, over time the yogi will begin to understand and experience the true meaning of the mantra. While the translation of vira is infinite power or strength, this is not to be confused with power in a material sense or strength in a physical strength. Instead, it is meant in the sense of having the power and strength in practice and in the mind to realize that universal peace is attainable at all times.

Shanti vira guides the yogi to the experience of infinite peace, and infinite peace requires that the yogi realize their strength or power in choosing peace, even in situations that are chaotic and tumultuous.

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