Brzee Mantra

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Brzee Mantra Mean?

Brzee mantra is a phrase chanted silently or aloud for the purpose of attracting abundance and wealth. It is believed to bring not just material wealth but spiritual abundance, too.

Mantras are single syllable sounds, short phrases or longer prose that are repeated for their spiritual or psychological power to transform or achieve a purpose. Some mantras have no direct translation, but are valued for their sound vibrations and symbolism.

The Brzee mantra is “Om brzee namaha” and is typically chanted repeatedly. Some sources recommend repeating it 108 times per day.


Yogapedia Explains Brzee Mantra

The creation of the Brzee mantra is credited to Swami Brahmarishi Vishwamitra, one of the sages of ancient India who is also one of the most revered. Although the brzee mantra has no specific meaning, the symbolic significance for each of the words are as follows:

Om – Also written as Aum, it is the primordial sound of the universe. It is arguably the most recognizable and significance bija (seed) mantra often chanted alone, but also included as a component of many longer mantras.

Brzee – The sound vibrations of brzee are believed to remove scarcity of consciousness, bringing wealth in all its forms. It represents the transforming power of the mind, as it is thought that if the mind focuses on abundance, it will manifest.

Namaha – This is a salutation included at the end of many mantras. It has been translated in various ways: “I bow down”; “Not me”; “It is not about me”; “I salute”; and “I submit myself,” among others.

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