Shreem Brzee

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Shreem Brzee Mean?

Shreem brzee is a controversial mantra “given” to Dr. Pillai by a deceased saint named Vishvamitra. The goal of this mantra, according to Dr. Pillai, is to cease the suffering of the world. Dr. Pillai claims that shreem brzee is the number one mantra to chant every day if you want to achieve financial success.

Shreem is a Sanskrit bija mantra, seed mantra, that corresponds to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. She is a motherly goddess of wealth, success, beauty and abundance. There are many traditional mantras that pay tribute to Lakshmi.

Brzee is not a Sanskrit word as there is no “z” in the Sanskrit language. This brzee sound has been said to be a sound of birth and that it can create a rebirth of your financial mind-set. However, there is no tradition that supports this claim. It has been thought that the mantra and its interest were created as a marketing tool and is a product of modern mainstream interest in mantras.


Yogapedia Explains Shreem Brzee

Dr. Pillai's website states that Vishwamitra discovered "brzee" through 1,200 years of meditation, and that the sound never existed on Earth before this. Due to the lack of historical findings of brzee, it is not believed to be a legitimate mantra.

Mantras are powerful tools yogi can use to harness and focus the mind and connect with the divine. Due to the popularity of main stream mantras, some institutions have attempted to "create" their own mantras as an online marketing tool and money making scheme. It is believed that the Shreem Brzee falls into that category.

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