Shreem Brzee

Definition - What does Shreem Brzee mean?

Shreem brzee is a controversial mantra “given” to Dr. Pillai by a deceased saint named Vishvamitra. The goal of this mantra, according to Dr. Pillai, is to cease the suffering of the world. Dr. Pillai says that shreem brzee is the number one mantra to chant every day if you want to achieve financial success.

While shreem is known to be the bija mantra of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of abundance and prosperity, there is no reference of brzee in ancient texts. The lack of historical support of brzee has lead to the contestation of the legitimacy of the shreem brzee mantra. There is large support that the mantra was created by Dr. Pillai as a marketing and money-making tool.

Yogapedia explains Shreem Brzee

Dr. Pillai's website states that Vishwamitra discovered "brzee" through 1,200 years of meditation, and that the sound never existed on Earth before this. Due to the lack of historical findings of brzee, it is not believed to be a legitimate mantra.

Mantras are powerful tools yogi can use to harness and focus the mind and connect with the divine. Due to the popularity of main stream mantras, some institutions have attempted to "create" their own mantras as an online marketing tool and money making scheme. It is believed that the Shreem Brzee falls into that category.

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