Surat Shabd Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Surat Shabd Yoga Mean?

Surat Shabd yoga is a spiritual meditative yoga practice. The name is derived from the Sanskrit, surat, meaning “face” or “attention”; shabd, meaning “word”; and yoga, meaning “union.”

In this spiritual practice, shabd refers to the music of the soul and surat refers to the expression of the soul. The purpose of Surat Shabd yoga is, thus, the union of the soul with the essence of the Supreme Being. The fundamental practice of Surat Shabd yoga is meditation on the inner sounds of the Self. It involves simran (silent repetition of a given mantra), dhyana (meditation) and bhajan (listening to the music of the soul).


Yogapedia Explains Surat Shabd Yoga

Surat Shabd yoga gurus recommend that meditation be performed early in the morning and in the evening before going to sleep. The yogi should assume a comfortable position with a straight back. Some of the suitable postures for meditation include sukhasana, varjasana or muktasana.

Simran refers to repetition of the mantra given during the initiation by the satguru. During bhajan, all external sounds should be blocked as the yogi concentrates on his/her ajna chakra and listens to the inner sounds of the Self.

After completing simran, dhyana and bhajan, union is achieved and the yogi connects with the celestial sounds and the sacred light.

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Surat Sabda Yoga

Surat Sabd Yoga

Surat Shabda Yoga

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