Shabda Brahman

Definition - What does Shabda Brahman mean?

Shabda Brahman is transcendental sound, outlined in the Vedic scriptures. From Sanskrit, shabda means “sound” or “word,” and Brahman means “Supreme Self” or “Absolute of the Universe.”

Ancient scriptures centering on yogic philosophies state that sound and God are the same, and that every substance is made up of vibrations. Many yogis seek to connect with or employ Shabda Brahman through meditation and using mantras.

Yogapedia explains Shabda Brahman

Shabda Brahman is considered in some schools of Hindu thought to create the universe as the “cosmic sound” that is a part of all beings. Many scriptures note that sound and words are eternal: once spoken, they live on as part of the universe as a whole. This concept is fundamental to the use and importance of Om.

Others note that Shabda Brahman is when God manifests as sound and word, and when knowledge is given through scriptures. It is considered the unmeasurable and uncontainable sound of the Vedas. It is expressed through prana as well as through physical senses and the mind.

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