Ardha Utkatasana

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Ardha Utkatasana Mean?

Ardha utkatasana is a standing posture that is a modified variation of utkatasana. From Sanskrit, ardha means “half,” utkata means “fierce” or “wild,” and asana means “pose."

In this standing asana, the feet are parallel, with the knees bent and the arms stretched forward. The torso also leans forward so that it comes parallel with the ground. It is usually performed with the knees bent deeper than utkatasana in order the counterbalance the forward tilt of the upper body.

Ardha utkatasana may be commonly referred to in English as half chair pose.

Ardha Utkatasana


Yogapedia Explains Ardha Utkatasana

As well as building strength in the legs, it improves balance and focus. Its challenging nature and the way it builds mental as well as physical strength, means it can help cultivate the confidence and inner strength needed to cope with responsibility. It is also said to help the yogi to align with his/her own personal power.

Traditionally, ardha utkatasana, like utkatasana, is associated with the muladhara (root) chakra. Working with this chakra is said to help increase feelings of security and stability. It can help the yogi to feel more in control and grounded. It is also said to be good for improving the power of the immune system.

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